Chiropractic Testimonials

"Working with Dr. Kayla has been my first experience with the Gonstead method of chiropractic care. I was impressed with her knowledge of the technique and she did a fantastic job of talking me through the procedures. The process took more time than I was accustomed to, but the benefit was that I really understood what was going on and how she was correcting the problems. Other chiropractors I have seen just spend a minute asking what hurts and then violently crack a few joints and send me on my way. Dr. Kayla's technique pinpoints the exact problems in your spine and then she gently maneuvers your joints into the correct alignment. I have been very happy with the results after my first two visits. My back hasn't been stiff after working at a desk like it normally is. Also, she cleared up the pain in my knee and foot (caused by running) with a few adjustments and I felt relief within a day. You will be in good hands with Dr. Kayla."

"Kayla is very professional and passionate about the chiropractic technique she uses. Not being familiar with the technique and being used to the "wham, bam" adjust-anything-and-everything method most chiropractors use, I was a bit hesitant at first wondering if I would be able to "feel" a difference. Every time I see her and tell her about areas that are "out", she hits the nail on the head every single time and I am in awe. She explains the method and what she is doing, to better educate me as a patient which is much more than "typical" chiropractors do. She is a doctor of wellness and more than just someone you see to get adjusted. Being 8 months pregnant, I have a lot of unusual/unique issues with my back and hips and Kayla has provided me with instant relief and comfort. I highly recommend her to you and your family and now understand and appreciate the chiropractic technique she uses. I experience not only better relief, but also longer lasting relief than I've received from other chiropractors."

"I woke up a couple of weeks ago with horrible back pain. Thankfully, I work just a few doors down from Kay Family Chiropractic. Dr. Kayla was able to take x-rays and give me an initial exam right away then stayed late at the end of her day for my first adjustment. She was very thorough and educated me about how improving my spinal health will improve my overall health as well. Of course, it's always nice to go in and be welcomed by her dog, Murphy!"

"Great experience and results with the Gonstead Method. Dr. Kayla is wonderful and takes her time with you. I was unfamiliar with the Gonstead method of chiropractic care until Dr. Kayla walked me through it, I couldn't believe the difference this type of care is, compared to the traditional "wham, bam, crack ya mam- and out the door" chiropractic care that I am used to! Kayla, is so accommodating and has great advice on overall wellness. Her dog Murphy is always a pleasant greater and super cute to play with, Murphy had a great time playing with my 4 year old! Overall, I would highly recommend Kay Family Chiropractic to anyone I know!"

"Dr. Kayla takes a more scientific approach to chiropractic work than any other I have been to. Using all of the tools at her disposal, each visit focuses on specific areas of your back and neck that are causing problems instead of a general adjustment and out the door. She has helped each member of our family and would recommend her to anyone looking for a chiropractor."

"I've been having lower back pain many months from running. I asked a friend to referral a chiropractor and she refereed Dr. Kayla. That was the best referral I have ever gotten! It was my first time seeing a chiropractor. So I was very nervous! Dr. Kayla was great at making me feeling like I've been there for years. I really like that she's tells you what she's going to do before she does it. She also tells you the reason why you need it done. My back feels the best it has ever felt due to Dr. Kayla! Thanks for making feel so much better Doc!"

"I have been very happy with my experiences at Kay Family Chiropractic. In the past I have been to chiropractors here and there but never as a routine. I found myself in a spot where I was having a lot of neck and back pain this winter and needed relief. I found her office online and liked that it was close to home and work but would drive much much further to see her now that I have met her. I was really impressed from the beginning that Dr. Kayla was so thorough and took x-rays on my first visit, she uses this information in each adjustment and it was really powerful to see my spine in that way and know just why I was feeling the pain I was feeling. Dr. Kayla is very easy to talk to, very professional and has helped me to understand more about my health and body just in the few months I have been seeing her. I find her methods to be very helpful and gentle. I am no longer experiencing the upper back/neck pain and have actually found that there were various other benefits that I wasn't seeking but am very glad to have found. For example, I have found my digestion has been aided by adjustments, I have less headaches and have even noticed a dramatic change in emotional changes regarding PMS. My older son has been seeing her for a while to address ADHD issues and general health, and I am excited to start my younger son with her next week! I view this as an investment in my health and couldn't more highly recommend Kay Family Chiropractic to anyone interested in safe, gentle adjustments and excellent care."

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