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Welcome to Kay Family Chiropractic in North Liberty

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Welcome to Kay Family Chiropractic, your family chiropractor in North Liberty, IA. We are excited you are considering chiropractic care with Dr. Kayla Davis. Our chiropractor is highly skilled in working with children and adults using a holistic approach. We provide preventative services to help you improve your general health and wellbeing. Additionally, we offer specialized care to treat injuries and reduce pain without the use of drugs. Discover more about the types of services and treatments we offer for you at our family chiropractor in North Liberty. 

Chiropractic Services Offered

We specialize in manual chiropractic treatments including the Gonstead technique. Dr. Davis trained at the prestigious Palmer College where she developed the skills needed to perform this modality of treatment. Our chiropractor also specializes in gentle pediatric chiropractic care for children, as well as prenatal and maternity chiropractic services for women. Additionally, Dr. Davis offers lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, spinal screenings for children, and corrective exercises.

Natural Pain Relief

The most common reason why patients seek our chiropractic care is for pain relief. We can help you reduce pain from illnesses, nerve conditions, injuries, and headaches. Our holistic approach involves solving the source of your pain. We use chiropractic care to correct misalignments and improve the body’s ability to heal. In the long term, you experience all-natural pain relief without the use of drugs or surgery.

Illnesses and Conditions We Treat

In addition to pain relief, our chiropractor in North Liberty also helps treat an array of illnesses and medical conditions. We help children who suffer from asthma and seasonal allergies, as well as ear infections. Our chiropractor also provides effective treatment for bed wetting. For teens and adults who participate in sports, we provide sports injury treatment along with repetitive use treatments. This is ideal for individuals who have tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, or torn ligaments. Our North Liberty chiropractor also helps individuals who suffer from anxiety, hormone issues, tension, mood disorders, and lack of energy.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Dr. Davis is trained to provide prenatal chiropractic care for women. Examples of pregnancy chiropractic care available include treating misalignments, physical pain, discomfort, stress, and high blood pressure. Our chiropractor is also a maternity chiropractor who works with women who have given birth. By offering postnatal chiropractic care, Dr. Davis can readjust women’s musculoskeletal system to proper alignment after giving birth. This can help with physical pain, as well as postpartum depression. 

Meet Our North Liberty Chiropractor

Now that you understand more about what we offer at our North Liberty chiropractor, it is time to schedule a visit to Kay Family Chiropractic. We provide preventative care for families hoping to avoid illnesses and injuries. Our chiropractor is equally successful at providing all-natural pain relief for low back pain, neck pain, personal injuries, and chronic pain. Please give us a call at 319-626-3500 or schedule your appointment online to get started.


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Meet Your North Liberty Chiropractor

  • Dr.
    Kayla Davis

    Palmer College GraduateGonstead Chiropractic Specialist

    Dr. Kayla is from a small town in northwest Iowa, called Correctionville, near Sioux City. In her small town, she was a four sport athlete as well as played the saxophone and was involved in many community activities. She then went to undergraduate college at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology as well as was a track athlete and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

    From Simpson, she moved on to Palmer College of Chiropractic. While at Palmer, she became involved in the Troxell Intern Program. This program is an extensive internship that specializes in the Gonstead system of chiropractic. During her time in the program, she served as assistant head intern as well as head intern of a group of other highly motivated chiropractic students. This program provides roughly two years of chiropractic experience. Also in the program, she taught classes in technique and x-ray analysis to fellow chiropractic students. Read More...

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  • "Working with Dr. Kayla has been my first experience with the Gonstead method of chiropractic care. I was impressed with her knowledge of the technique and she did a fantastic job of talking me through the procedures. The process took more time than I was accustomed to, but the benefit was that I really understood what was going on and how she was correcting the problems. Other chiropractors I have seen just spend a minute asking what hurts and then violently crack a few joints and send me on my way. Dr. Kayla's technique pinpoints the exact problems in your spine and then she gently maneuvers your joints into the correct alignment. I have been very happy with the results after my first two visits. My back hasn't been stiff after working at a desk like it normally is. Also, she cleared up the pain in my knee and foot (caused by running) with a few adjustments and I felt relief within a day. You will be in good hands with Dr. Kayla."
  • "I woke up a couple of weeks ago with horrible back pain. Thankfully, I work just a few doors down from Kay Family Chiropractic. Dr. Kayla was able to take x-rays and give me an initial exam right away then stayed late at the end of her day for my first adjustment. She was very thorough and educated me about how improving my spinal health will improve my overall health as well. Of course, it's always nice to go in and be welcomed by her dog, Murphy!"