Stuffy Nose in North Liberty IA? Try this!

Stuffy Nose in North Liberty IA? Try This!

Stuffy Nose in North Liberty IA? Try this!

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Cold and Flu Season in North Liberty IA

It's that time of year again folks! Cold and flu season. Luckily, we at Kay get to bypass most illnesses because regular chiropractic care strengthens the immune system. But sometimes you just can't ward off a virus. If you are feeling sick and have a stuffy nose, one thing you can do is to avoid dairy products for the duration of your illness. Dairy has been shown to cause inflammation and congestion in the human body. By simply cutting out the dairy, you will start feeling better in no time! Another thing to avoid is sugar. The "bugs" or viruses that make you ill, feed on sugar and it may prolong your illness.

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