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Gonstead Technique

Gonstead Chiropractic

A Gonstead chiropractor uses five basic components to determine how to specifically find and correct subluxations of the spine and extremities.


Dr. Kayla will take the time to analyze your posture. She looks at everything from the direction your toes point to how your head sits on your shoulders. She even analyzes your gait and how your spine is affecting how you walk.



DELTA T/ NERVOSCOPE: Dr. Kayla uses an instrument called a Delta T/Nervoscope which detects uneven heat distribution along the spine which can indicate nerve irritation/ subluxation. She will run the instrument down the entire spine, from your head to your hips. The instrument feels like two fingers gliding along your spine. It is actually a very sensitive thermometer that is continually comparing the temperature along your back to find the irritated nerve. An irritated nerve will make the skin/area around it warmer, like a sprained ankle will get hot and swollen.

delta t north liberty, ia; nervoscope north liberty, ia;

TITRON (Digital Version of the Delta T) Below is a pre-scan on the left of a patient that came in with a migraine. After my full analysis I adjusted 1 bone and re-scanned. The picture on the right is post adjustment and the migraine was significantly reduced. 


Dr. Kayla her hands to feel how the bones of the spine (vertebra) are moving or not moving. She also feels for areas of swelling and muscle spasm.

Palpation North Liberty Chiro

Case History

Dr. Kayla will take a thorough patient history to be able to fully understand you. Yes, she is a spine doctor, but she will look at your entire body to be able to best help you achieve optimal health.


If necessary, Dr. Kayla will take an x-ray film of the entire spine to be able to actually see what she is working with. The films will give her the ability to most accurately be able to adjust the spine at the exact angle it needs to be adjusted. You wouldn't let a mechanic work on your car with out opening the hood and seeing the problem, so why would you want Dr. Kayla to work your health without seeing the very anatomy their affecting? 



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