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Nutritional Supplements

In today's world, nutrition is not what it used to be, and our bodies are the ones taking the toll for it.  Sometimes, even with the best chiropractic care, the body does not have the proper building blocks to repair as fast as it could.  With whole food dietary supplements, you are able to get the nutrition that so many of us desperately need.  Let's face it, how many of you are willing to eat foods like beets, kale, or brussel sprouts on a weekly basis? That's where nutritional supplementation and guidance come in to play at Kay Family Chiropractic.

Kay Family Chiropractic proudly carries supplements from Standard Process.  These supplements are not your typical supplements.  They are completely made from whole food sources and the majority of the plant products are grown on an organically certified field in Wisconsin.  Dr. Kayla has been out to the farm and seen the hard work and ingenuity that has gone into developing these crops as well as the meticulous care that is taken to develop and manufacture each product from Standard Process.  If you would like to learn more about the Standard Process products please go to their website at

Kay Family Chiropractic also carries MediHerb, holistic herb formulas that go through the same rigorous testing as Standard Process supplements and are considered to be very pure herbals.  You can also find more information about the MediHerb products at


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